"Choose your fighter" 

Two female fighters, one aggressive and hands-on, the other a graceful dancer. Both tough as nails.

Choose Your Fighter VisDev
Choose Your Fighter Gestures.jpg

"Pay Attention to Me" 

A dog goes to the extreme to get his owner's attention.

Pay Attention to Me VisDev.jpg


Perennial (originally Flora) is a senior 3D animated film project made with a team of 5 people and many volunteers. I had the pleasure of being the Storyboard Lead. Soon to be released in 3D!

Storyboards by Olivia Walden and Sakina Minnis.

"Dino Delivery" 

Game Cut scene Storyboards

Storyboards for a video game about a boy and his dinosaur delivering mail to the townspeople. The cut-scenes are paralaxing illustrations in-game.

Actual 3D cutscenes done by Kinsey Spude, Chikara Honda and Taylor Shook.

Cutscene 1: Sheila Destroys the Post Office

unnamed (12).jpg

Cutscene 2: Pip and Parcel Confront Mayor

Cutscene 3: Ending Cutscene

Pictures for Credits

"24 hour animation challenge"

I had the pleasure of participating in Aubry Mintz's 24 Hour Animation Contest for Students with 4 of my peers. You are given a prompt right at the start of the 24 hour mark and you work to make a 30-second film in that time. This year's prompt was "the need to have empathy". Here are examples of the work I did, including storyboards, viz dev, rough animation and the final film.

24 hour film storyboards.jpg
24 hour viz dev.jpg