"Choose your fighter" 

Two female fighters, one aggressive and hands-on, the other a graceful dancer. Both tough as nails.

Choose Your Fighter VisDev

"Pay Attention to Me" 

A dog goes to the extreme to get his owner's attention.

Pay Attention to Me VisDev.jpg


Perennial (originally Flora) is a senior 3D animated film project made with a team of 5 people and many volunteers. I had the pleasure of being the Storyboard Lead. Soon to be released in 3D!

Storyboards by Olivia Walden and Sakina Minnis.

Buddies Animatic

"Dino Delivery" 

Game Cut scene Storyboards

Storyboards for a video game about a boy and his dinosaur delivering mail to the townspeople. The cut-scenes are paralaxing illustrations in-game.

Actual 3D cutscenes done by Kinsey Spude, Chikara Honda and Taylor Shook.

Cutscene 1: Sheila Destroys the Post Office

Dino Delivery "Sheila Destroys Post Office" Cutscene

Cutscene 2: Pip and Parcel Confront Mayor

Dino Delivery "Sheila Destroys Post Office" Cutscene

Cutscene 3: Ending Cutscene

Pictures for Credits

Dino Delivery "Sheila Destroys Post Office" Cutscene

"24 hour animation challenge"

I had the pleasure of participating in Aubry Mintz's 24 Hour Animation Contest for Students with 4 of my peers. You are given a prompt right at the start of the 24 hour mark and you work to make a 30-second film in that time. This year's prompt was "the need to have empathy". Here are examples of the work I did, including storyboards, viz dev, rough animation and the final film.

24 hour film storyboards.jpg
24 hour viz dev.jpg
Scene 06 Rough Animation
Scene 07 Rough Animation
Scene 08 Rough Animation

Olivia Walden